The Fast Facts

Our Vision Statement

We will be the premier business to business media group that provides business critical information services in partnership with leaders in the industries we serve

Our Corporate Objective

To develop Understanding, Relationships, and Services for Communities in Key Industries through media by:

  • Providing world class end-to-end communications services in targeted industries
  • Developing branded events that dominate information flow
  • Integrated media /event management and content generation for clients

Our Core Values

  • Integrity, honesty, and a commitment to quality towards our partners, clients, staff, and the communities we serve.
  • To develop the best platform for information, education, and trade in the industries our business covers.
  • The conviction that events are a cornerstone of media essential to information and trade exchanges in industry
  • Making the extra mile part of our journey everyday

Who we are and what we do

Image Engine was conceived to provide content development event management fulfillment services for business intelligence gatherings of the highest level by market leaders and Government authorities.

The company is being developed as a premier business-to-business media group that effectively targets key and emerging industry niches to develop new markets, provide business critical information services, and create new value. It is our belief that current media and events often fail to provide the level of quality demanded by the current business environment.

Operating within the Asia Pacific, the company focuses on domain knowledge in high growth sectors including Technology, Hospitality, Tourism, Healthcare, and Lifestyle.

Through a network of partnerships and alliances, we are able to provide best of breed overall project management; exhibition sales; marketing and management; logistics implementation and registration; and hospitality arrangements.

This allows us to provide a holistic range of services and a complete environment to create the best possible tradeshow and event experience.

Partnerships allow us to provide a holistic range of services and a complete environment to create market defining applications

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